The Blueprint for Successful Golf Course Development informs developers and golf course owners:

  • About financially viability and the return on investment
  • How to master plan your development, creating a community or village within your project and making money from the amenities
  • What you need to do to create an outstanding golf course that adds value to your real estate or resort
  • How to create a clubhouse that is a home away from home for your customers, and drives earnings for your business
  • Why investing in quality golf course construction will deliver value for money in the long term
  • Why a professional irrigation system and the use of treated recycled water will mean your golf course won’t cost the earth
  • How to recruit the best staff to distinguish your development from your competitors
  • Why a standardized approach to golf operations with a management company will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more
  • How to reach and influence your target customers through marketing, and generate a positive reputation for your development via PR and the media
  • Why sustainability, the environment and social responsibility matters – and why doing the right thing will ultimately benefit your business.

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