The Golf Benchmark is a set of our market intelligence studies, designed to collect and share comparable golf industry benchmarks about golf course operation, golf and real estate development, golf tourism, the economic impact of golf and other golf-business related topics.


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Read more Golf Benchmark Survey in Austria 2015


We are delighted to present the latest publication from KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice, this time offering an overview of the golf industry in Austria.

Read more Turkey - The Rising Star of Golf


We are delighted to present our report on golf in Turkey, one of today’s most successful golf tourism destinations in the past decade globally.

Read more Golf Participation in Europe 2015


We are pleased to present the fourth edition of the Golf Participation report from KPMG Golf Advisory Practice, which covers the current trends and the outlook of golf in Europe.

Read more Caribbean Golf Overview 2015


We are delighted to present the latest publication from KPMG Golf Advisory Practice, one which offers an overview of the Caribbean region’s golf market in 2015.

Read more Golf Resorts in the European Mediterranean Region


Current Trends and Future Outlook

Read more Golf Course Development Cost Survey 2014


Based on the responses of owners and developers of over 100 recently constructed/under development golf facilities, our latest report provides information on the planning and construction costs of golf courses in various locations of EMA, as well as typical development timeframes.