The Golf Benchmark is a set of our market intelligence studies, designed to collect and share comparable golf industry benchmarks about golf course operation, golf and real estate development, golf tourism, the economic impact of golf and other golf-business related topics.


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Read more Golf Course Development Cost Survey 2014


Based on the responses of owners and developers of over 100 recently constructed/under development golf facilities, our latest report provides information on the planning and construction costs of golf courses in various locations of EMA, as well as typical development timeframes.

Read more Round and Revenue Trends in EMA 2012


This new KPMG report is based on a questionnaire-survey of over 250 golf course operators in the EMA region about their business performance in 2012, the measures they have taken to improve profitability, as well as their future expectations.

Read more Golf Participation in Europe 2013


Following 20 years of stable growth, Europe’s golf market experienced its first downturn in golf participation in 2011. The decrease in the number of registered golfers can be partially attributed to the economic crisis but also to the change in golfing patterns. In some countries, where players don’t need to be registered to play, many club members changed to casual players.

Read more The Value of Golf to Scotland’s Economy


Golf in Scotland is now a £1 billion industry, according to new research conducted by KPMG in association with Oxford Economics.

Read more Golf Development Trends in Russia and the CIS region: Recent Trends and Future Outlook


Given that golf course development took off only 20 years or so ago, Russia and the CIS region is now home to nearly 30 regular golf courses and more than 6,000 golfers. It is expected that between 5 and 7 golf courses will be opened in the region between now and 2020. In his latest interview, Dr. Andrea Sartori provides insight into the key trends, current challenges and opportunities faced by the golf industry in these markets.

Read more Golf Travel Insights 2013


According to our recent survey among 110 golf tour operators worldwide, golf tourism was up again in 2012. Spain and Portugal remain the strongest destinations, followed by Scotland and Turkey, while Bulgaria is considered to be Europe’s key emerging hot spot.