The Golf Benchmark is a set of our market intelligence studies, designed to collect and share comparable golf industry benchmarks about golf course operation, golf and real estate development, golf tourism, the economic impact of golf and other golf-business related topics.


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Read more Golf Benchmark Survey 2009 - Regional Report, Japan


A survey of more than 380 golf course owners and operators in Japan about the operational performance of their facilities.

Read more A Blueprint for Successful Golf Course Development


The report features the 10 key steps to successful golf course development and has been written in collaboration with leading consultants and industry suppliers.

Read more Golf and the Economic Downturn


KPMG survey of golf course owners and operators in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Read more The Value of Golf to Europe, Middle East and Africa – A study on the Golf Economy


The report aims to assess the economic impact of the golf industry in EMA across six key sectors.